Wednesday, June 9, 2010

i heart him....

I've gained 20 lbs and I'm only 20 weeks. But you know what? As of yesterday, I actually feel 60lbs lighter!!! We had our 20 week anatomy scan yesterday and I cannot even put into words how relieved and happy I am with the results and after seeing the little peanut move and kick around in there. Seriously. HUGE lift off my shoulder. I can finally soak this whole pregnancy thing in. There really is a healthy, living being inside me!

He is perfect. The technician checked for about 15 minutes and then the doctor checked for a good 1/2 hour and confirmed everything looks good. He is measuring about 13 oz, which I thought was big for 20 weeks but the tech said is within the normal range. He was definitely camera shy, lying on his stomach, making it a little difficult for good angles and looks, occasionally covering his face with his hands, but they still managed to get everything checked. His heart, brain, spinal cord, kidney, bladder - everything was working and looked as they should, the doctor said. He did not see anything that raised any big or small flags. I went in expecting the worst, if not, some kind of news that's not horrible but will still freak me out and put me on eggshells for the next few weeks. But it couldn't have gone better and he couldn't have looked more perfect. Oh and yes, my 1st and 2nd Tri blood scans both came back normal, so yesterday's scan was just what we were waiting for.

The Hubs and I have finally announced it to everyone. There were still some friends who did not know so it was a huge step for us (for me at least) to let our entire world know. There's no going back now! I'm very private and don't like to share (emotionally and with food - haha) so it was a little uncomfortable (?) and awkward getting all the well wishes and congrats, but I've come to accept this and what's to come. He won't be in my belly forever. We'll need to share him when he's born, too!

So, what I thought would never come....we will be registering this weekend and planning our shower. I don't know if it's too early but it looks like my shower will be sooner than the norm - at 28 weeks. I wanted it to be a little later, but my favorite cousin (more like a younger sister) will only be in town until the first week of August and I refuse to have this shower without her presence. I know...what a brat, but I just have to have her there! And it looks like it'll be a co-ed shower, since The Hubs and I share so many close friends who are couples and I'd love them all there. I guess it's safe for me to start a checklist from this point on. I don't want to hold myself back anymore. I fully believe this now and know God never fails. I may, but God doesn't. So checking off my list soon are picking up nursery items from our family friend, registering, and shower guest list.

What we also need to start looking into soon is a new home. Our 1 bdrm apt just isn't gonna cut it come next year. Our lease is up in February, so timing wise, it's perfect. We're looking to rent a 2 bdrm apt or a condo, but staying within budget in OC is pretty much impossible, so I'll have to pray God provides once again.

On another note, my sister's neighbor gave birth to a healthy baby girl over the wknd. She had gained a total of 15 lbs the entire pregnancy. And guess what. My sister said she's already back to her pre-prego body. WHAT? I've gained 20 in 1/2 that time! Sigh....did I mention....during my last appt w/my doctor last week, the doctor recommended I go buy a scale. Yes. No lying. She did. And she said to eat less. hahaha. I'm trying! But I've never had self control to begin with so being pregnant and asking for self-control is c'mon! Not sure it's gonna happen! I'll just take it as it comes. I'm not stuffing my face but cannot hold back on soft serves and pizza when I want it so bad! My sister's neighbor went swimming almost everyday during her pregnancy (which yes, is possible in So. Cal). I'm making a beeline to the pool this weekend.


  1. Yay!! So glad everything went well and you are starting to finally soak it all in! You absolutely deserve it! I had my first shower at 29 weeks and ultimately, although I was nervous having it so early, I think the timing was perfect.

  2. Congratulations on the great scan and test results. What an amazing feeling. I know what a relief that must be and I can tell you, having a red flag come up pretty much can ruin the next 20 weeks. I still can't get excited about my shower. But I'm so happy that it's happened to someone who appreciates it and will use it to really soak in her pregnancy. Enjoy every minute.

  3. Haven't heard from you in a while - hope all is well!